The fish, shrimp and crab Sic Bo game is also a kind of gambling game, but many bettors are not very familiar with this game. This game type and odds are basically the same as the Sic Bo game of another gambling method, but the dice used are made of fish and shrimp. , Crab, money, gourd and chicken patterns instead of points. The fish, shrimp and crab game originated in China , and was once a very common gambling game among the southern folk.

“Fish, Shrimp and Crab Sic Bo” betting rules:

The first device

  1. Three dice, with different patterns, colors and points engraved on each dice plane, and their distribution is as follows:

Pattern color points

  1. Fish red one point
  2. Shrimp green two points
  3. Gourd blue three points
  4. Money blue four points
  5. Crab green five points
  6. Chicken red six points

The three dice have the same weight and are completely balanced, and the points on the front and back sides are all seven points.

  1. A special dice cup, the structure is as follows:

(1) A circular cup base, black and opaque, connected to a handle under the glass bottom plate, a transparent glass cover is set on the bottom plate, and three dice are placed in the glass cover;

(2) There is another cover on the glass cover to cover the glass cover. The cover can be opened. The color and material are the same as the cup base. The two sides of the cup cover have copper buckles to tie the cup base.

  1. A Fish, Shrimp and Crab Sic Bo certificate with three dice printed on various betting methods.

Article 2 Start betting

Before the player places a bet, the dealer must cover the glass cover of the dice cup, fasten the cover to the cup base with a buckle, and then press the handle three times to make the dice jump in the glass cover and place it on the table. The “Invited Bet” light is on and players can start placing bets.

Article 3 Procedure

  1. Before opening the dice: Zhuanghe first presses the bell to stop betting. At the same time, Zhuanghe must call “open” in Chinese to indicate the opening of the dice.
  2. When playing the dice: Zhuang He opens the cup, removes the cover, and announces the result of the draw. At the same time, the lights on each flap of the winning lottery are turned on.
  3. Crazy dice: When the banker lifts the lid of the cup and finds that the dice are overlapping or leaning unevenly, the banker will declare the game invalid, and then proceed to the start of another game and accept new bets. The original bet cannot be cancelled.

Article 4 Compensation Note

If the dealer has not paid all the winning bets, the dealer shall not cover the cup.

Article 5 Betting

Players can bet on the following petals:

  1. “Small”-the sum of the points on the plane of the three dice is from 4 to 10 points.
  2. “Big”-the sum of the points on the plane of the three dice from 11 to 17 points.
  3. “Three Armies”-the pattern of each dice plane.
  4. “Single color”-only one bet color appears in the result. (Note: If there are two bets, three bets or no color bet, all bets are lost)
  5. “Double color”-the color of two bets appears in the result. (Note: If there is one, three or no colors bet, all bets are lost)
  6. “Designated three colors”-three dice appear in the same color as the bet.
  7. “Any three colors”-the colors of the three dice planes are all the same.
  8. “Designated round dice”-the patterns of the three dice planes are the same.
  9. “Any dice”-any pattern on the plane of the three dice is the same.
  10. “Points”-from 4 o’clock to 17 o’clock, the sum of the points on the plane of the three dice.

Article 6 Odds

Article 5 The order of the odds of various betting is as follows:

  1. “Small”-one loses twice.
  2. “Big”-one loses twice.
  3. “Three Armies”

“A dice with a designated plane pattern”-one loses twice

“Two dice with a designated plane pattern is the same”-one loses twice

“Three dice with a designated plane pattern is the same”- -One loses three times.

  1. “Designated single color”-one loses twice.
  2. “Designated two colors”-one loses three times.
  3. “Designated three colors”-one loses twenty times.
  4. “Any three colors”-one loses seven times.
  5. “Designated round dice”-one loses one hundred and fifty times.
  6. “Any dice”-one loses 24 times.
  7. “Points”-4 and 17 points-one loses fifty times.

-5 and 16 o’clock-one loses eighteen times.

-6 and 15 points-one loses 14 times.

-7 and 14 o’clock-one loses twelve times.

-8 and 13 points-one loses eight times.

-9, 10, 11 and 12 points-one loses six times.

Seventh full dice

If the three dice have the same flat pattern, all bets of “big” and “small” are taken.

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